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As the name suggests, is a site that is confined around women’s inclination to satisfy their dating desires with other women. This site gives women the platform to interact with other women who have same quest as theirs in a bid to reach out to lesbians and bisexuals. The company is roofed under the gay fraternity which also facilitates its operations to uphold a top notch dating experience for women. This is a site is about only women and how they seek to explore with other women. Women are free to join to make new friends and find dates within their area for a romantic kickoff.



  • Monthly Membership is $10.95
  • Quarterly Membership is $ 20.95
  • Bi-yearly Membership is $40.95
  • Yearly Membership is $80.95

Feature Lists:

This site is elaborately designed giving a glamorous outlook for a friendly user interface that users can seamlessly interact with on a mobile, a computer or a tablet.

The site is exclusively meant for women who are bisexual and lesbian.

The site is crafted to be secure, while at the same time protecting users privacy facilitating a hassle free dating and coherent intermingling.

You have a head start of having a look at some of the members in the site even before you log in. This helps you scrutinize the likeminded members at an overview level just to usher you in and get you started.

You will find as many members as you are willing to browse and your journey to interact with them will begin after you sign up and become a member.


Registration is easy, a process that with take just a few of your minutes. For the signing up process you have the option to join with your Facebook account though nothing is posted to your Facebook account since there will be no request to post in the first place. You can also choose to register a new account using your email. You will then get to add your name your sexuality as either lesbian or bisexual and your details which will include your location.

You have to be over 18 years of age to accept the terms of service for a successful registration

At what cost:

The registration process is free and upon registration users can start dating as expeditious as they please. This is for basic membership which can as well optionally be upgraded to premium membership at a cost. Premium membership is a monthly/quarterly/bi-yearly/yearly subscription charged between £5.95- £49.95/ $10.95-$84.95/ €7.95- €64.95 depending on promotions and availability. Refunds are not available should you terminate your account before your premium period is over. Your payment details are not stored for security purposes as stated in the privacy policy.

Who is suitable for the website?

This is a perfect site for bisexual women and lesbians who are ready to explore the network to connect with other bisexuals of their kind. This site is exclusively for women. Women from all walks of life are free to join the community for a scintillating romantic adventure in a bid to find a worthy partner, a friend or a companion who you acquainted with.

Editor's Verdict is on the forefront to satisfy bisexual women’s needs and this is clear from the first encounter with the website. This helps to filter out redundancy of the members who are willing to register but are not the target audience. The site is well designed for a smooth walkthrough and registration process in readiness for women to interact and offer each other affection.

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