Bi Cupid – Best Bisexual Women Dating Site Review

Bi Cupid – Best Bisexual Women Online Dating Site

Bi Cupid is our the #1 choice as the bisexual women dating site, which sets up the It provides so many unique and special features. Bi Cupid has the 15 years in bisexual dating niche and caters to helping more people who want to explore their bisexuality.


  • Free Sign Up for Standard Membership
  • Gold Membership:
  • 1 month for $29.95 ($1 per day, save 25% on regular price of $39.95)
  • 3 months for $59.95 (about $ 19.95/month,  save 50% on normal price of $ 119.95)
  • 6 months for $95.95 (about $ 15.95/month,  save 60% on normal price of $ 239.70)


These features are totally free for standard member. There are total 5 column options to choose.

  • Search: Search members by using Quick SearchAdvanced / Saved and Username
  • In the Quick Search and Advanced / Saved,you can choose the gender and select what your needs. There are 6 options ( Bi women, Bi men, Bi couple, bi-curious women, Bi-curious men, Bi-curious couple ) for you. In addition, you can choose the range of age, location and country. These will help you to find out the local bisexual people quickly.
  • My lists: Including Winked At Me, Emailed Me, Requested My Photos, My Favorites, Block Members and Others.
  • Winked At Me,Emailed Me and Requested My Photos: These mean some members who are interested in you and want to chat with you. The 2 basic features will help you to be familiar with the function of bi cupid. There is free to unload photos. Unlike other sites, you may need to cost $100 to unload photos
  • My Favorites: If you are interested in someone and want to chat or make friends with him/her, you could add to you list. You can find out them quickly.
  • Block Members: You may not like some members or make some obsession by other members, you can add them to your block members. They will never send wink/email or show in your search list.
  • Others: Including I winked, I emailed, I Requested Photos, I request private Album, Private album I have access to, I have access to my private album. These functions will help you to interact with members better.
  • Community: BlogsForumsBi Date Ideas and Let’s Meet
  • Blogs and Forums: You can write down anything you want to express and reply the other’s blog. Amazing title and funny content will attract more members to take participate in the interaction. There are many interesting topics and categories in the forums as well. ( S: The content should follow the privacy and policy of the bi cupid ).
  • Bi Date Ideas:  Many members use the feature to release their thinking and provide the romantic bi dating ideas. You could find your perfect dating scene.
  • Let’s Meet: List tons of members’ photo and you can like or dislike. By the photos you may find the members you like or interest. These photos are manually approved by the staff. These are real people, not false.
  • The important part – ProfileView / Edit Profile, Add / Manage Photos, Add / Manage private album, Comments on my profile and Verifications.  My suggestion: The more real content in profile, the more chances you will get a date.
  • View / Edit Profile:About me, about my match and my questions to matches, these will increase the chance of success.
  • Add / Manage Photos:You can totally free to unload 26 photos, unlike other sites will charge $100 for unloading images. You can set you private album as well.
  • Comments on my profile and Verifications: You can choose to verify your photo and age, that means other members will see that. If you not request verifying that, your photos and age will be private to yourself.
  • My Setting: There are 5 options for you choosing, including Profile / Photo privacy settings, Email / Wink settings, Accounts settings, Other membership services and Log out.

 Additional Features

  • Search members by Location and New Members: You can find out the newest members.
  • Find your compatible matches
  • Reverse matches
  • Know who interested in me and liked my photo
  • Answered my question and requested my private album.
  • Check out the verified members
  • Provide the bisexual advice
  • Profile privacy, photo privacy and other privacy setting: You can set this in many items and make your profile more compatible match with your needs
  • Email and wink setting: Set your email and  receive from your setting

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 The bottom line

Bi Cupid has been launched over 14 years for bisexual dating. The mission begun in 2001. It has became the leading site of bisexual dating for LTGB  people. There are so many unique features on bi cupid, you can have a try and use the features to find out your needs. It is clearly that bi cupid has the value of trying to meet bisexual women online.